Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is fundamentally different from Western medicine
in that, instead of focusing on the disease, it focuses on the individual and the balance
of bodily functions. This holistic approach is over 2500 years old. TCM covers a broad
range of traditional medical practices, including various forms of herbal medicine,
acupuncture, massage therapy, and dietary therapy.

Because the botanicals used in TCM may contain hundreds of compounds of just one
subtype, they provide what is in essence a combination therapy or “shotgun” approach,
as opposed to the “single bullet” approach (a single chemical compound) of conventional
Western medicine—which is facing increasing challenge as evidenced by the adverse
effects associated with today’s drugs and the scarcity of new drug approvals. The shotgun
approach may be more efficacious yet better tolerated because of the lower concentration
of each therapeutic component. Nowadays even Western medicine is adopting the idea
of “cocktail therapy” when dealing with diseases such as HIV and cancer.

NPI was founded by leading experts in the field of herbal medicine. We are committed
to developing FDA approved novel botanical drugs that are validated by modern
science and technology. Additionally, we leverage our drug discovery and development
capabilities to isolate and develop the single-molecule compounds responsible for the
therapeutic effects of some herbal medicines. With two drugs in Phase II and two in
Phase I clinical trials, NPI is making strides toward its mission objective.

While we work on the rich and diversified portfolio in the R&D pipeline, several
products are being developed into dietary supplements because of their undeniable health
benefits, as demonstrated in pre-clinical and clinical settings. Herbal ingredients have
been used safely for hundreds if not thousands of years. Many patients are desperately
waiting for alternatives to the prevailing treatment regimen, if there is any. We are
providing these patients access to some of the proven and safe botanical products
in the form of dietary supplements, under the overarching brand DR.LEE+TCM.
Essentially we are expediting the availability of these herbal medicines, while
cautioning customers about all of the potential drawbacks that can be ascribed to
dietary supplements.

We encourage you to learn about these herbal products at the NPI.

Ingredient Authentication
Our ingredients are selected solely on the basis of quality and purity. We partner with IMPLAD (Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), the global authority on Chinese herbs, to authenticate and procure raw materials for all of our products. IMPLAD plays a leading role in research on Chinese medicinal herbs and reference standards for TCM.

We manufacture our products in our 100% owned state-of-the-art facility in Zhengzhou, China, under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Quality Control
Our Quality Control department, based in Burlington, MA, is separate from the manufacturing facility and is charged with validating product quality. This department arranges for independent analytical laboratories to test finished NPI products for quality and purity using the most advanced equipment and methods such as HPLC and MS.